Further Education Course Guide 2016/17

Large college prospectuses and course guides can have a tendency to forget who they’re really for, the students.

Of course, parents will always be an important consideration, but it’s the prospective students that will be most inspired by what they see. It’s the students that will aspire to study at the college and the students that the college will form the stongest connection with.

Students want to envisage what it’s going to be like and a prospectus is often their only window into the College and their only way of discovering everything it has to offer.

South Devon College recognises this, and for their latest flagship publication they wanted a guide that really bonded with the students and would stand out from the crowd.

After a lot of careful design consideration, the result is a striking, unique publication, designed for students, and balanced perfectly for parents alike.

From the get-go South Devon College’s new 200 page course guide gives the prospective student choice, with a selection of covers to choose from. The covers incorporate inspiring words which are embossed on an offset, uncoated stock. Together with contrasting glossy internal pages the course guides are irresistable to pick up and feel!

The visual style and imagery throughout recognises and embraces current online and social media trends, making the guides immediately familiar to 14-18 year olds and communicating with the applicants on their level without being pretentious.

With student case studies throughout the course guide and an overall approachable and personalised tone to the text, the course guide feels very real, enlightening and is genuinely a pleasure to read

Client: South Devon College
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"Absolutely fantastic job again – can't thank you enough for your work and time in ensuring it's the best it can be. Really love it and incredibly grateful for your efforts."

Joe Chudley, Marketing Officer – Publications and Communications